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VAGICARE Vaginal Rejuvenation Gel

Product Description:

The vagina rejuvenation gel is a very effective remedy for vaginal dryness,irregular

lubrication,excessive lubrication, excessive discharge and wetness and other related

problems faced by women. tightens vagina naturally and provides a natural lubrication.

Main Ingredients:

Kuh- seng,Stemona,Fructus cnidii,Poria cocos,Carthamus



1. One tube per night,for 18 consecutive days for a course of treatment.

2. After the insertion of gel DO NOT have sexual intercourse. If you choose to have

sexual intercourse you must use the gel either 1 hour before sex or 1 hour after


3. Vagina Rejuvenation Gel can be used on a daily basis.

Directions for use:

1)Clean the vulva before bedtime,lying down and raise the hip.

2)Remove the protective cap of applicator and gently insert the pre-filled applicator

into the vagina at least 7cm deep.

3)Squeeze the plunger until the gel is delivered.

4)Take out the applicator out of vagina.

5)Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes to give the gel time to be absorbed.

Primary Benefits:

●Tightening vagina naturally

● Eradicate vaginal dryness problem

● Contract and reshape the vaginal walls

● Dispel abnormal odour

● Kill bacterial and remove inflammation of vagina

● Restore the suppleness

● Improve natural lubrication of vagina

● Dispel unpleasant odor of vagina

● Reduce excessive mucus

● Release estrogen and stimulate female vagina

● Give more pleasure and confort for sexual life

● Other women sexual problems and fertility issues


Internal installed in vagina, do not take it orally.

The prohibition of use for menstrual period,pregnant,and lactation women.

Should put it in children is not easy to get a place.

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