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Do I need a prescription for Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

No. Hui Pu Vaginal Gel is an over-the-counter product that maintains vaginal pH.

How do I use Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

Hui Pu Vaginal Gel is simple and easy to use. The applicator is inserted into the vagina just like a tampon. After pressing the thick end of the applicator, a small amount of clear gel enters the vagina. Please look inside the product description for complete directions.

How often should I use Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

At the first month you can use it one piece every night,  from the second month you can use it 2 or 3 pieces each week for keep vaginal environment health.

Can I use Hui Pu Vaginal Gel while I’m on my period?

No, it can not.

Is Hui Pu Vaginal Gel a contraceptive?

No. Hui Pu Vaginal Gel contains no spermicides and should not be used as a form of contraception.

Can pregnant women use Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

If pregnant or breastfeeding, you can not use it.

Can menopausal women use Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

Yes. The use of Hui Pu Vaginal Gel during and after menopause can help with elevated pH that can be caused by hormone fluctuations and often occurs during these times. Or if you are experiencing vaginal dryness and want a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer, try it Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer by the makers of Hui Pu Vaginal Gel.

Can I have intercourse and oral sex while using Hui Pu Vaginal Gel?

Yes, both oral sex and intercourse are safe while using Hui Pu Vaginal Gel. In fact, the use of it can even help lessen discomfort during intercourse. Also, because the pH level of sperm is high, it can cause your vaginal pH to become unbalanced. The use of Hui Pu Vaginal Gel after sex will keep your vaginal pH balanced. And by maintaining a healthy pH, it also helps control vaginal odor, which may make you and your partner feel more comfortable during those intimate moments.


How do I know if Hui Pu Vaginal Gel is safe to use?

Hui Pu Vaginal Gel has been cleared by the CE for over-the-counter sale Clinical trials have consistently shown that it is as safe as it is effective in maintaining healthy vaginal pH. And it contains no hormones, estrogen or antibiotics.  And it also has the authoritative Lab Test Certification to prove it's safety and effectiveness.

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