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Vaginal Relaxation


 Vaginal relaxation refers to the pelvic muscles around the vagina caused by the tension decreased muscle relaxation, widens the vagina, can have severe vaginal wall prolapse. The most common reason is that after a natural childbirth, the pelvic muscles poor recovery, even damage caused vaginal relaxation. Vaginal relaxation, due to the vaginal loose, making the original vaginal sex when to "grip" the ability of the penis decreases, exposure of sexual organs will be difficult to achieve full satisfaction. Women postpartum recovery exercise is particularly important. 

  Even Caesarean women, since labor when the pelvic muscles, ligaments is fully extended, for infants born to do to prepare the birth canal.

  For enjoy pleasure Sex life ,we suggest to use our vagina rejuvenation gel ,let the bature herbal tightening products give you the best effect .

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