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Things You Always Wanted To Know About Vaginal Hygiene

What can cause infections?

You might wonder, if nature has taken care of a woman’s intimate hygiene, then what can cause infections? The commonest causes are many, including humid weather, unhygienic practices, and multiple sexual partners. Tight synthetic undergarments, poor water intake and self-medication with antibiotics can predispose a girl to repeated vaginal infections. These infections cause foul-smelling secretions, difficulty in urination, and itching in private areas. In more serious cases, they are likely to ascend into the uterine cavity and the tubes to cause deep-seated infections, leading to chronic abdominal pain, and can even hinder fertility.

What are vaginal washes?

Given the causes, vaginal infections can be quite a common occurrence. Therefore, maintaining good hygiene practice becomes a must. The private area can be cleaned using vaginal washes. These can be used once daily during a bath, or more often in humid conditions when the intimate area is likely to get moist or sticky. These washes contain lactic acid, which can aid the body’s natural defence mechanisms by maintaining the pH level. and thus keeping infections away.

However, vaginal washes should not be used as douches because they can spread infections internally. Also, they cannot be a substitute for treatment of vaginal infections, although they can be used as an adjuvant in these conditions. 

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