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The Nature Herbal Ingredients Of Our Womb Detox Products



 Kuh seng-Sophora root

Traditionally used to dispel heat (hot flashes), expel wind (remove gas). Traditionally used to alleviate toxins, and is said to disperse swellings and inflammation (pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis). It also alleviates constipation, and to resolves masses (carcinoma, fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts). Also kills parasites and combats vaginal itching and swelling.  Can be used to cleanse trichomonas and vaginalis.


Golden Cypress Herb

Strengthens and tightens your tissues (vagina). Relieves pain and treat woundsThis oil antiseptic has properties that helps treat internal wounds (lesions inside of the vagina). Serves as a diureticthis promotes good digestion and stops gas from forming in your intestines- (using may cause frequent bowel and gas movement to rid the body of toxins). It also reduces swelling, cleans your kidney, and eliminates toxins and excess water from your body.  Constricts your blood vessels- by constricting your veins, it helps stop bleeding (those who have heavy or irregular menstrual periods). It can also be used for bleeding, perspiration, and irregularly heavy menstrual flow. Promotes proper liver function by maintaining adequate bile secretion and relaxes your nervous system and has a calming and sedative effect on your body. Cypress oil is also beneficial for people who have suffered a major trauma or shock in any area of the reproductive system. Can be used to cleanse fungal infections and inflammation by boosting the strength of the immune system.


Mother Chrysanthemum

Has the potency to expel wind (remove gas), clear away heat (hot flashes), subdue inflammation (pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis), and expel toxic substances. Research has shown that the main active principles of chrysanthemum are inhibiting bacteria, combating virus, and enhancing vaginal longevity. Can be used to cleanse viral infections (STD’s), vaginal odor, and restore moisture by eliminating dryness.

Fructus Cnidii-She Chuang Zi

Detoxes genital eczema, trichomonas infection, postpartum uterine prolapse, abnormal vaginal discharge, What’s more, it is reported that cnidii can increase both man and woman’s libido and treat male and female infertility. Can be used to cleanse tumors, tighten vagina, urinary tract infections, restore moisture balance, and promote a stronger immune system.



Typically used as a carminative to reduce fevers and alleviate digestive distress. It is also said to remove parasites. Borneol is classified as an agent for opening blocked orifices (blockage of fallopian tubes). It is indicated for severe obstruction of the orifices (fallopian tubes) for heat syndromes (hot flashes), pain, and cervical erosion.


Sanguis Draconis-Dragon’s Blood

 SD has long been used for improving blood circulation, stopping hemorrhages (heavy bleeding), and healing wounds and cuts and is also used as an antiseptic. SD has also found to inhibit thrombus formation (blood clots), act as an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and an antibacterial cleanse.


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