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Daily Maintenance And Cleaning Of Woman's Vagina

Prepare your own special cleaning utensils and towels,

The cleaning utensils should be washed before use,

After using the towel, dry the towel in well-ventilated place,

Preferably exposure in the sun ,it is conducive to sterilization.

Towels is easy to breed bacteria and fungi due to not exposure the sun,

During the menstrual period, use warm water wash the vulva, Changing sanitary napkins to avoid pools of blood as the medium of bacteria.

Reproductive tract infections is the disease which a lot of women face .It is not only harm to the patient on the body,Genital itching, unpleasant odors and the pain when couple's having sex life.Gave patients psychological harm.Master the correct health knowledge,Pay attention to prevention of diseases in life,Away from the pain at all.

Vagina, uterus is the female reproductive organs, cherish them,It was part of happiness life. it is important for women to protect your vagina.

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