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Cervical Erosion

Cervical Erosion

What are the symptoms of mild cervical erosion? Gynecologist, after the onset of mild cervical erosion if not timely and effective treatment, the disease will lead to a deeper, long-term stimulation due to chronic inflammation, can cause cervical polyps, cervical laceration, eversion and cervical cyst deeper illness.

1, pain: Generally there is pain and cervical erosion is rare, if the deeper parts of the pathogen involved, will lead to the formation of chronic uterine inflammation of connective tissue, causing lumbosacral pain, pelvic fall induced pain or dysmenorrhea, if inflammation spread to the main ligament, will affect the patient's sex life, sex life caused by pain.

2, increased vaginal discharge: vaginal discharge increased a main symptoms of cervical erosion, mild symptoms of cervical erosion may be the symptoms of different pathogens, erosion range will be different, vaginal discharge properties are also different, smaller than the erosive lesions involving the scope and shallow, less vaginal discharge, if accompanied by significant erosion of inflammation, infection, purulent vaginal discharge is yellow, viscous.

3, bladder symptoms: cervical inflammation will spread out, and even spread to the bladder trigone, causing bladder symptoms, causing urinary frequency and dysuria symptoms, worse still may be secondary to urinary tract infections, to a female friend with to more damage, psychological stress, which will endanger the health of patients more, worse

What is more mild cervical erosion symptoms, especially moderate cervical erosion occurs when severe cervical erosion, cervical secretions increased significantly, viscous texture, and a large number of white blood cells, which activity to adversely affect sperm hinder sperm into the palace chamber, affect the pregnancy.

Inflammatory acute cervicitis erosion is mostly untreated or treatment of chronic inflammation is not completely formed. The main causes of cervical erosion of the following four:

1, premature sexual activity, too many sexual partners. Premature sexual life, frequent change of sexual partners.

2, health: unclean sex life environment, condom quality, but off. Excessive cleaning is not good, with larger concentrations of disinfection liquid rinse the vagina, it will not only affect the growth of normal vaginal flora to inhibit bacteria decreased, while it can cause varying degrees of cervical epithelial damage, which eventually erosion.

3. Damage: multiple abortions, diagnostic curettage, cervical dilation and other gynecological surgery due to injury. IUD, birth laceration there is a certain relationship.

4, hormones: individual differences in hormone levels, women taking oral contraceptives.

5, the menstrual cycle is too short, too long sustained period: Studies have reported that the menstrual cycle ≤20 days had prevalence of 81.80%, ≥20 days had prevalence ≤43.81%; duration of menstrual days ≤2 days had prevalence 33.33%, ≥8 days had prevalence rate of 83.33%. Thus, the cycle is too short, the possibility of long duration of the occurrence of cervical erosion of women will increase. By extending the cycle, menstrual shortened to reduce the incidence of erosion.

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