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Brief Introduction

This “Bai Cao Yu Yin” capsule is gently insert into the woman's vagina resulting in surprisingly increased sex desire, a well lubricated and warming

 sensation that enhances sexual pleasure and sexuality with unique and powerful herbal stimulants Clean ,nourishment,tightening the

 vaginal , Ensure the normal female sex hormone secretion, effectively prevent vaginal dry and comfortable, improve various pigmentation 

skin with women. It's not only a medicine, but also a healthcare product based on natural herbal extracts for woman's health.

Main Features of “Bai Cao Yu Yin”Vagina Tightening Capsule:

● Tightening vagina naturally

● Eradicate vaginal dryness problem

● Contract and reshape the vaginal walls

● Dispel abnormal odour

● Kill bacterial and remove inflammation of vagina

● Restore the suppleness

● Improve natural lubrication of vagina

● Dispel unpleasant odor of vagina

● Reduce excessive mucus

● Release estrogen and stimulate female vagina

● Give more pleasure and confort for sexual life

● Other women sexual problems and fertility issues

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