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About Cervical Erosion Questions And Answers

1, there will be clinical performance?

Normal physiological phenomenon, there is no specific clinical manifestations.

Some people may have contact bleeding performance, but only individual differences of the cervix,

 as some people chew something hard, teeth or mouth of the blood, is understandable.

Cervicitis need to mention here, if there is an increase in vaginal discharge, yellow, there is the

 case of smell, which is the performance of cervical inflammation, symptoms are infected after 

appearing on the cervix. The cervix and bladder hypertrophy, chronic inflammation of the cervix 

is the result.

2, you need treatment?

At the same time, by the way, for the symptomatic cervicitis, the need for treatment. Specific 

treatment needs according to different hospitals to be, but under normal circumstances, acute

 inflammation suppository drug treatment 

3, the need for regular check it?

Regular cervical examination is necessary, this is not intended to prevent erosion, to prevent 

cervical cancer.

4, no treatment will develop cancer?

And cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection related to HPV and some 

so-called high-risk HPV, cervical squamous columnar junction persistent infection when prone 

to precancerous lesions and cervical cancer. Ever since the cervical Pap smear after mortality

 has significantly decreased, the key is early prevention and treatment. Currently recommended

 21 women after the age should be performed once a year to check cervical smears, and after 

the age of 30, can be combined HPV check three times in succession HPV and cervical smear 

are negative, can the interval extended to 3 years check , beyond the age of 65 can stop screening.

5, on fertility influential?

Cervical erosion is understood that physiological phenomenon, it means that this does not affect 


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